Мы открылись по НОВОМУ АДРЕСУ в Витебске - ул. Бровки, 9!

8 сентября Медицинская диагностическая лаборатория СИНЛАБ совместно с INUNIMAI, Vienna, Austria организовали и провели 1-ю школу по молекулярной аллергодиагностике в Беларуси

Более 100 врачей различных специальностей (аллергологи, педиатры, дерматологи, врачи лабораторной диагностики и др.) приняли участие в образовательной программе INUNIMAI. СИНЛАБ благодарит всех участников, блестящих спикеров, а также профессора Барановскую Татьяну Васильевну и уполномоченного посла INUNIMAI Александра Хиля.

"Наукомания" о молекулярной аллергодиагностике

СИНЛАБ рассказывает о молекулярной аллергодиагностике в программе "Наукомания" на канале Беларусь 3. Смотрите выпуск программы 16 июня в 14:00.

Призер конкурса "Брэнд года 2017"

Лаборатория СИНЛАБ стала призером конкурса "Брэнд года 2017" в категории "Медицинские Лаборатории"

Мы благодарим всех за выбор услуг нашей компании! Медицинская лаборатория СИНЛАБ в диагностике - Лидер! Обращаясь в СИНЛАБ, Вы получаете уникальное лабораторное обслуживание: удовлетворенность качеством услуг, доступными ценами, добросовестными усилиями высокопрофессиональной команды.

14 августа открылся филиал в г. Волковыске!

СИНЛАБ на Эко-марафоне г. Гомель 22 апреля 2017

17 ноября исполнился 1 год как мы открыты в г. Гомеле!

СИНЛАБ на Международном марафоне Друскининкай-Гродно 10 июля 2016


Сенсация футбольного сезона 2016 в Беларуси – команда КРУМКАЧЫ сдают анализы в СИНЛАБ! Мы рады содействовать команде в контроле здоровья для поддержания отличной спортивной формы!

СИНЛАБ на III Евразийском конгрессе ревматологов 26-27 мая 2016

СИНЛАБ на Минском Polo Марафоне 13 сентября 2015

Labco and synlab – Senior Appointments 13.07.2015

The European clinical diagnostics businesses, Labco and synlab, today announce that Dr. Bartl Wimmer will be appointed as Group Chief Executive and Philippe Charrier as Executive Chairman of the combined group. This announcement follows the acquisitions of Labco and synlab by European private equity firm Cinven in May and June respectively.

These positions will be effective once Cinven’s acquisitions of both Labco and synlab have completed, which is expected to be in September 2015.

Dr. Bartl Wimmer is currently Chief Executive Officer of synlab. He was the co-founder of the synlab business in 1998 and has acted as Managing Director since its establishment. Since January 2010, he has held the position of CEO with responsibility for the successful acquisition and integration of numerous medical diagnostics laboratories across Germany and Europe.

Philippe Charrier is currently Chief Executive Officer of Labco. He joined the Board of Labco in 2011 and was previously CEO of Oenobiol, the personal beauty care product firm. During 1999 to 2006, he was CEO of P&G France. During his tenure as CEO, Philippe Charrier has overseen significant growth and expansion at Labco building it into the pre-eminent operator of clinical laboratories in Western Europe.

Dr Bartl Wimmer commented: 
“I am delighted to be appointed Group CEO of the combined Labco/synlab business. Both these companies are highly successful operators of medical diagnostics laboratories across Europe and have grown strongly in recent years. 
The combination of these businesses will enable us to continue developing first class medical diagnostics and allow us to benefit from genuine benefits of scale where we can provide diagnostic services more efficiently to patients and payors. Labco has an excellent team and reputation and I am looking forward to working closely with Philippe Charrier as Executive Chairman.” 

Philippe Charrier added: 
“The European clinical diagnostics sector is continuing to grow and the combined Labco/synlab Group is extremely well positioned to benefit from the increasing demand for clinical diagnostics services, particularly given the under penetrated and highly fragmented European market. The combined Group will have the strongest medical capabilities in Europe, and will be able to deliver new tests to market to provide improved patient outcomes. synlab is a highly respected operator within the market and, as Executive Chairman, it will be my role to oversee the gradual combination of the two businesses in a way that harnesses the best of both operations. I am looking forward to working with Bartl Wimmer as Group CEO and believe that together the combined group has an exciting future ahead.” 

The completion of the Labco and synlab acquisitions remain subject to the satisfaction of customary regulatory approval. These appointments are subject to the completion of the contemplated change of control and the forthcoming integration of these businesses.